A tailored exercise program can benefit your strength, flexibility and balance.

Exercise Programming is the development of a personalized fitness plan. Once a full assessment is completed your physiotherapist can create a personalized roadmap to recovery through movement. This is right option for you whether you are looking to be introduced to the gym, start a new exercise routine, review your techniques or add joint specific accessory movements to your existing program. Your physiotherapist will provide as much supervision and guidance as you require. This service is provided by a licensed physiotherapist!

Nova also offers Punch Passess to help you meet your movement goals! Active clients, defined as having a treatment within the last 3 months, who have an exercise program from one of our therapists can come to the gym at Nova during office hours and use the exercise equipment! Sessions must be booked in advance, either in person or by calling. This is for individuals aged 14 and over.

Punch passes cost $60 for 12 sessions. Drop in fee of $10. Punch passes are active for 3 months from purchase date.

Book An Appointment for Exercise Programming