Nova offers Foot Care Nursing!

What is a foot care nurse?
A foot care nurse is a licensed or registered nurse who has taken advanced training to specialize in foot care.

What does a foot care nurse do?

● Complete a health history
● Assess the feet for decreased sensation and other health conditions
● Trim nails, reduce nails with a rotary device, and treat fungal nails
● Remove corns and calluses
● Assess and treat ingrown nails non-invasively
● Fit and distribute custom medical grade compression socks

Who would benefit from foot care?
● Individuals with mobility issues or whom are unable to care for their feet
● Diabetics or people with decreased sensation to the hands and or feet
● Anyone with foot health concerns

Is foot care covered by insurance?
Some individuals may have coverage for foot care Nursing through their insurance companies, it is best to call your insurance company to verify

Looking for in-home treatments?
Please contact the office for additional details on in-home appointments!

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