Nova offers Registered Massage Therapy

Massage is a great tool to help with tight and sore muscles. There are many different types of massage offered at Nova.

TMJ Massage: Many people suffer with jaw pain but may be unaware that their symptoms are caused by a jaw issue. TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) dysfunction is a condition that can cause chronic pain. It can occur as a result of many things, such as: arthritis, jaw injury, orthodontic work, bruxism (clenching or grinding of teeth/jaw), and even genetics. Symptoms may include migraines or headaches, jaw pain, eye pain, earaches, dizziness, and even chronic nasal congestion.  TMJ massage focuses on releasing tension to the musculature surrounding the jaw, by doing so aiding in the alignment of the jaw and alleviating overall pain. The treatment itself may be uncomfortable to start, however results are typically seen after one treatment, and many experience a relief in pain the same day.     

Bamboo Fusion: A very deep tissue treatment that uses warmed up bamboo sticks to roll over tight muscles, trigger point deep pressure to areas that need an extra push, and provide warmth to the body faster which helps tissue to release with much more ease.

Cranial Massage: A relaxing treatment that focuses on the neck and head. Best suited for those who suffer with headaches/migraines, stress, or who just like extra focus on these areas.

Foot Therapy: A reflexology based treatment that incorporates stretching, trigger point work to the small muscles in the feet, as well as focus on the ankles. This treatment is best for those who may suffer from planter fasciitis, runners, people who are on concrete all day, or just those who enjoy a great treatment for the feet!

Infant Massage: Everyone can get massage, even tiny babies. Infants who suffer from colic, constipation, tongue or lip ties, or joint misalignment from delivery may benefit from massage. It can also can be a nice relaxing feeling for the little ones to experience. Parents will be in the room and will be given directions on how to preform certain techniques for at home use with baby as well. Infant massage is able to be claimed under healthcare benefits.

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