Exercise prescription is a big part of what we do here at Nova!

We can provide exercises based on a specific injury and create exercise programs specifically geared towards your goals! Part of your treatment will always include some type of movement or exercise however the intensity, frequency and difficulty is all able to be changed depending on what best fits your needs!

Our physiotherapists also create exercise plans for those looking to start adding movement into their life, even without an injury. These programs vary in frequency from once per week to many days per week. From competitive athletes to people wanting to start moving more consistently and everything inbetween. We can also create a plan to be done in your home, at a gym, or you can sign up for a punch pass right here in the clinic and have access to all of our equipment!

This appointment can typically be billed through your insurance provider as physiotherapy! What are you waiting for? Let’s get you booked in and we will help you reach your movement goals - whatever those may be!

Book an Exercise Programming Session